No more of today

When I enter the large parking garage of a bank, I see four empty parking spaces next to the entrance with the sign 'reserved for the management' on it. I drive on. Another round, another round. Not an empty spot for me in this parking garage. Yet I had to give my license plate when I made the appointment and a parking space would have been booked for me. Unfortunately peanut butter. The clock is ticking and in five minutes I have an appointment.

I drive past those four empty parking spaces again, so close to the reception and so at my appointment. I take the bolt decision to park my car in one of these places. Doesn't belong, I know that. But it's not supposed to be the best places for the management and not for customers, visitors or colleagues of this management?!

I'm walking in. Really close. "Glad you found a parking space, it's very busy today," says the receptionist. I doubt if I should say it, but the activist in me can't keep her mouth shut: "Yes, eventually she can. After a few rounds of parking, no free space at all and the clock ticking, I put my car a bit illegally in the parking spot of one of the directors". I wink at it and hope for compassion. She tries to keep her face in the crease, but she laughs. "Ma'am, you've got some nerve. Of course, I can't hear what you've done. Because these places are reserved for our management, but I get it." She winks back at me and I shut her in my heart.

What a sweetheart this receptionist. An asset to the company. She has to make do with this odd set of rules. Because let's face it, this isn't from now, is it? The best parking spaces for the management. With such a large sign. What signal are you sending out here? Right, that of: our management is the most important thing in this company. Not our customers, visitors or employees. No, the time of our board members is scarce, they should always have a parking space and be able to enter the building as quickly as possible so as not to lose a second. Well, I'll tell you what impression you leave on me. That of a very old-fashioned bank. The one that is big on the website that puts the customer first, but on my first visit it already falls through the basket. They do have a sweet, honest receptionist. That's a good thing.


This blog was written for CustomerFirst and published on 13 February 2019

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