Navigating the CX landscape: Strategies for successful leaders with CXPA’s CEO Greg Melia, CAE

Welcome to CX Leadership Talks, where we explore the world of Customer Experience leadership with top industry experts. In today’s episode, Nienke Bloem sits down with Greg Melia, CEO of The Customer eXperience Professionals Association (CXPA), and a seasoned advocate for Customer Experience excellence. They discuss the evolving landscape of customer experience and the role of CX leaders in today’s businesses.

In this episode

Nienke and Greg delve into the importance of ongoing training and validation for CX professionals, the potential of artificial intelligence in shaping customer interactions, the significance of the CCXP certification, and the strategic approach to CX development.

Don’t miss this in-depth conversation that touches on vital competencies for successful CX leaders, the CXPA’s global community, and the valuable insights and practical strategies shared in the discussion.

So, grab a seat and join us as we explore the world of Customer Experience leadership with Greg Melia on CX Leadership Talks.

About Greg Melia

Greg Melia is a passionate advocate for professional associations and certifications. He has dedicated his career to educating and empowering individuals and organizations to understand the importance of being part of a professional association and obtaining certifications.With a background in marketing and communications, Greg has a talent for explaining complex concepts in a way that is relatable and understandable. He is committed to helping people recognize the value of associations and certifications in their professional development and success. Greg’s engaging and approachable manner makes him a sought-after speaker and consultant in the association and certification space. His favorite memories are those where he can see the “aha” moment in someone’s eyes when they finally understand the significance of being part of a professional community and earning a certification.

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Timestamped overview

00:00 Career titles, passion for customer experience, CEO role.

05:26 Member of CXPA, pursuing CCXP title.

09:23 Discussing broad topics, trends, and upcoming events.

12:13 Collaborate, support, and align for success.

14:49 CCXP certification is increasingly valuable in industry.

19:05 Salespeople make promises, CCXP ensures customer satisfaction.

20:34 CX connects people, prepare for career changes.

25:24 AI powerful tool, but not a replacement.

27:21 Exploring AI’s impact on contact centers.

32:33 Emphasizing importance of good CX strategy and branding.

36:30 Stephanie Leheta to discuss developing multiyear AI strategy.

37:23 Include people in future vision and planning.

41:08 Reintroduced curiosity, creative problem solving, iterate.

44:18 Link in show notes, join CXPA community.

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