Artikelen door Nienke Bloem

Everything you always wanted to know about the International Customer Experience Awards – the basics of my interview with Vuk Vukanovic

So, CX leaders, if you’ve been yearning for recognition and the opportunity to showcase your customer experience initiatives, look no further than the International Customer Experience Awards. In a recent episode of CX Leadership Talks, I interviewed Vuk Vukanovic and we delved into a comprehensive conversation about the awards, providing valuable insights and practical details […]

Three ways to put System 2 Thinking into practical use for CX Leadership

Welcome to CX Leadership Talks, where we dive deep into the world of customer experience management and leadership. In this episode, our host Nienke Bloem reflects on a crucial aspect of decision-making – the interplay between conscious and unconscious thinking. Because do you also sometimes live on the automatic pilot? And in our CX leadership […]

Nine tips for driving impact through Closing the Loop

Welcome back to the CX Leadership Talk podcast. In this episode, your host Nienke Bloem digs deep into the topic of ‘Closing the Loop’ in customer experience management. Drawing from her recent experiences, Nienke shares 9 insightful suggestions to boost your closing the loop program, from co-creation sessions and individual feedback research to risk management and reporting […]

Strategy 50: Let’s put a dent in the universe

One of my heroes, Steve Jobs, said, “We are here to make a dent in the universe, why are we here in the first place.” And I totally agree, that’s why the last strategy (number 50!) is: let’s make a dent in the universe. And enjoy the ride! The last chapter and therefore the last […]

Strategy 49: Celebrate success

Do you celebrate your successes? I think you should. In fact, strategy 49 is ‘Celebrate success’. Let your achievements kick in. My parents taught me to celebrate all you can celebrate. And they were right. So, this video is about celebrations and why they should be part of your business too. I read aloud a […]

Crafting CX careers: Trends, traits and triumphs with Jo van Riemsdijk, CX Recruitment Specialist

Welcome to CX Leadership Talks, where we explore the world of Customer Experience leadership with top industry experts. In today’s episode, host Nienke Bloem engages in a captivating conversation with Jo van Riemsdijk. Together, they navigate through the intricate world of customer experience management from the perspective of Jo as THE recruiter in CX in […]

Strategy 48: Pass your knowledge on

Strategy 48 is ‘Pass your knowledge on’. And the reason for this is simple: your experience is valuable to others. And the more experience you have, the more knowledge, wisdom and stories you have to share. Don’t think that no one is waiting for your story. Silence that saboteur in you. Straight away. Are you […]

Navigating the CX landscape: Strategies for successful leaders with CXPA’s CEO Greg Melia, CAE

Welcome to CX Leadership Talks, where we explore the world of Customer Experience leadership with top industry experts. In today’s episode, Nienke Bloem sits down with Greg Melia, CEO of The Customer eXperience Professionals Association (CXPA), and a seasoned advocate for Customer Experience excellence. They discuss the evolving landscape of customer experience and the role […]