CX Leadership Talks - guest Robbert Dijkstra

Powering CX with AI: Robbert Dijkstra’s insights on leading the change

Welcome to another episode of CX Leadership Talks! In this episode, Nienke Bloem engages in a fascinating conversation with Robbert Dijkstra, the founder and CEO of Deepdesk. Robbert brings his wealth of experience in AI technology and innovation to the forefront as he discusses the deployment of AI in companies and its impact on improving customer experiences.

In this episode

Robbert shares insights on the use of ChatGPT for deploying AI in organizations and provides practical examples of how Deepdesk aligns its vision with customer needs by developing prototypes and gathering valuable feedback. He also delves into the impact of AI on organizations, sharing his experiences with DHL where AI led to significant improvements in customer service.

The conversation extends to the future of AI technology, with Robbert envisioning the rise of more AI vendors and the development of task-specific AI models. He also shares his thoughts on the rapid increase of AI in everyday software and the possibility of AIs communicating with each other in the future.

This episode is not just about AI technology, but also delves into practical advice for leaders and organizations looking to integrate AI into their operations. Robbert emphasizes the importance of practical experimentation with AI, advocating for its integration into daily work processes, and shares valuable insights on building a culture of ownership and responsibility within organizations.

In addition to all this, the episode is packed with valuable tips from Robbert on fostering curiosity and staying on top of the industry, along with recommendations for valuable entrepreneurship content.

Tune in to this enriching episode as Robbert Dijkstra and Nienke Bloem dive deep into the world of AI, customer experiences, and leadership in the contact center industry!

About Robbert Dijkstra

The future is here… and he loves it! Mesmerized as a young teenager by the endless possibilities of the Internet, Robbert is truly passionate about exponential technologies and digital disruption is what drives him. Shaping strategic vision on innovation, spotting opportunities, sharing these passions and collaborating with others to create impact is what Robbert enjoys the most.

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Timestamped overview

00:00 Robbert started young, this led to technology consulting role.

04:53 Introduction of AI models in customer service.

07:37 Tailored models require specific training and data. Generative AI uses global data for broader applications.

11:09 Challenges with running AI models in production.

13:16 Larger companies handle challenges better through trials.

16:20 AI will be pervasive, personal and unseen.

21:44 LLM improves software development and implementation efficiency.

24:36 Improving organization processes, agent work, and user experience.

26:48 Technology trials typically last 3-6 months.

30:53 Customers modify dashboard, control agent communication, knowledge assist.

32:43 Contact center transformation leading to cultural shift.

38:54 Struggle hiring junior staff, prioritize mid-senior. Customer commitment.

40:46 Agility and execution win hearts and minds.

43:46 Curiosity and problem-solving drive efficient perseverance.

48:10 Grateful for insightful AI discussion on podcast.

Robbert’s recommendations

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