CX Leadership Talks with Barry Wildhagen

The Data-Driven CX Revolution: all insights for you as a CX leader from Barry Wilthagen

In this enlightening episode of CX Leadership Talks, we delve deep into the core of data management and its transformative impact on customer experience. This THE episode when you are just starting in exploring the world of Data driven CX, but also if you are a seasoned leader you’ll get some great tips and tricks.

Joining us is Barry Wildhagen, a distinguished expert in data management, to explore the crucial intersection of data and CX, the imperatives of a data-driven approach, and the evolving landscape for data professionals.

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In this podcast episode we discuss

  1. The Intersection of Data Management and CX: – Barry sheds light on how data management serves as the backbone of effective customer experience strategies, outlining the symbiotic relationship between these two vital areas.
  2. The Imperative of Data-Driven CX: – Understanding why a data-driven approach to CX is non-negotiable in today’s business environment. We discuss the significance of leveraging data for personalized and impactful customer interactions.
  3. Habits of Success in Data Management: – What does it take to succeed in the field of data management? Learn about the key habits and mindsets that professionals need to cultivate for success.
  4. Integrating AI in Data-Driven CX: – The role of AI in enhancing data-driven customer experiences. Barry shares insights on harnessing AI to unlock new levels of personalization and efficiency.
  5. Challenges and Opportunities in Data-Driven CX: – Discussing the hurdles faced by organizations in adopting a data-driven CX approach and the immense opportunities that lie ahead for those who overcome them.
  6. The Evolving Role of Data Professionals: – With the landscape constantly shifting, we talk about how the role of data professionals is changing and what the future holds.

Key Takeaways

– Insightful perspectives on the vital role of data management in crafting superior customer experiences.

– Practical advice on adopting a data-driven approach to CX, including the integration of AI technologies.

– Discussion on the challenges and opportunities in the field, along with the evolving responsibilities of data professionals.

About Barry Wildhagen

Barry Wildhagen is an authority when it comes to data management and currently serving as the community of practice leader for customer experience at Informatica’s technical sales organization. He is a professional with extensive experience in leveraging data to drive business growth and improve customer experience. His expertise encompasses a range of topics, including the successful integration of AI in CX strategies and the development of effective data-driven approaches.

Join us for an insightful conversation with Barry Wildhagen, as we navigate the complexities of data management and its critical influence on customer experience and leadership in the corporate world.

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