Podcast CX Leadership Talks

Avoid these 5 mistakes in your CX Storytelling journey

Welcome to the CX Leadership Talks, the podcast that delves deep into the world of customer experience leadership. In this episode, Nienke Bloem shares her personal experience and insights into crafting a compelling CX story.

What is a CX story?

With an attractive CX story you show the why, how and what of the CX transformation you want to realize. A good CX story keeps your audience listening attentively and wanting to know more. It is this story that you can tell time and time again, that really helps the audience understand what your CX mission is and what they have to work on and why this is important.

In this episode, Nienke takes us back to her early days at KPN, where she was tasked with presenting the top 80 leaders with a CX transformation plan in just 100 days. She discusses the importance of storytelling in CX, and reveals the five most common mistakes made in CX stories. From being too functional and boring to lacking a strong call to action, she breaks down the flaws she’s witnessed and provides valuable tips for elevating your CX narrative. So grab your notebook and get ready to enhance your CX leadership skills with Nienke’s expert advice.

Timestamped overview

00:00 Focused on strategy and storytelling for 100 days.

03:24 Crafting a compelling CX story is crucial.

08:58 Creating brand delivery, customer culture, call-to-action.

12:37 Presentation should have emotion, be memorable. Avoid being too functional or too general.

13:56 Ensure memorable and tailored presentation for success.

18:35 Importance of clear and specific calls to action

21:47 Get the audience, share the podium, lead.

The outline above offers a comprehensive overview of this episode’s content and provides an insight into Nienke’s personal experiences.

More on her education portfolio: https://www.nienkebloem.nl/en/cx-educatie/