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Nine tips for driving impact through Closing the Loop

Welcome back to the CX Leadership Talk podcast. In this episode, your host Nienke Bloem digs deep into the topic of ‘Closing the Loop’ in customer experience management. Drawing from her recent experiences, Nienke shares 9 insightful suggestions to boost your closing the loop program, from co-creation sessions and individual feedback research to risk management and reporting on customer feedback improvements.

Through engaging and practical tips, Nienke emphasizes the importance of investing in the outer and inner loops to enhance customer experiences. This episode provides a comprehensive exploration of the challenges, strategies, and practical actions related to the closing the loop process in customer experience management. Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Co-create for impact: Organizing a world cafe setting to engage all stakeholders in improving the closing the loop process can lead to insightful discussions and impactful solutions.
  2. Growth hacking approach: Implementing ‘Friction Fridays’ where teams come together to solve specific issues can lead to continuous improvements and boost team morale.
  3. Customer-centric reporting: Reporting on the progress of closing the loop, including NPS and customer feedback improvements, can provide a transparent view of the organization’s commitment to acting on customer feedback.

Tune in to gather wisdom from Nienke’s solo episode and discover how to improve and finetune your initiatives for closing the loop to new heights.

Timestamped overview

00:00 CX Leadership podcast: “Closing the Loop Program”

05:53 Improving customer experiences, energizing with practicality.

06:33 Host World Cafe event for deeper process review.

10:10 Clarifying ownership and strategy in customer feedback.

15:28 Identify and address risks with strategic solutions.

17:21 Address big issues every other Friday strategically.

20:49 Send biannual surveys, track improvements, and communicate.

22:45 “9 tips for enhancing customer experience management.”

The outline above offers a comprehensive overview of this episode’s content.


In the podcast Nienke mentions the World Cafe setting, more on that here.

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