Podcast CX Leadership Talks

The 3 A’s of CX leadership – The introduction of the podcast CX Leadership Talks

On this very first episode of CX Leadership Talks, our host Nienke Bloem, a CCXP (Certified Customer Experience Professional) with 20 years of corporateand 8 years of CX Entrepreneur experience, dives deep into the world of customer experience management.

As someone who believes that CX is a core part of her identity, Nienke shares insights into successful CX leadership.

She emphasizes the importance of

  • Accountability,
  • Authority, and
  • Anecdote

and shares how she and you can implement them in Customer Experience Management.

The episode provides valuable insights on how to lead CX and provides practical solutions to common CX-related challenges.

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Nienke Bloem is often called the Customer Experience speaker in the blue dress. 

She’s a global CX thought leader, educator and a global keynote speaker who inspires audiences with best practices and proven methodologies. She leads a speaking practice, a CX game company and a training business; she breathes Customer Experiences and is author of two CX books.

Her two-day Customer Experience Masterclass is known as the best program to prepare for your CCXP and she is the go-to person voor CX leaders who want to advance their leadership and bring direct results from their Customer Experience transformation programs. Since 2020, she hosts a CX Leadership Masterminds program and helps leaders spice up their leadership and deliver an engaging CX Story including a solid CX Strategy. Besides, she is a modern-day pilgrim and found the parallel with leading customer centric transformations. 

With her over 20 years corporate experience, she speaks the business language. Her keynotes and education programs in Customer Experience are inspiring and hands-on. She is one of the few Recognized Training Partners of the CXPA and it is her mission to Make Customer Experience Work and help you deliver business results.