CX Leadership Talks featuring Bill Staikos

The CX Visionary: Bill Staikos on Redefining Experience Management

In this episode of CX Leadership Talks we delved deep into our profession of customer experience management, discussing the limitations of relying solely on surveys, the power of feedback in driving genuine change, and the crucial alignment of CX with broader business strategy.

This episode of CX Leadership Talks features Bill Staikos, a celebrated CX Practitioner and visionary leader from Medallia. Bill is a Customer & Employee Experience leader whose mission is to bring together these two disciplines to create value for employees, customers and shareholders. Together, we uncovered practical advice for you as a CX Leader.

In this episode we discuss

  • CX and EX evolution over the last 20 years
    Bill explains how his approach to customer and employee experience evolved over his 20-year career.
  • The power of feedback in driving true change
    Bill talks about the way Medallia transforms customer and employee experiences by effective feedback mechanisms.
  • The impact of technology on CX
    Bill shares his vision on how artificial intelligence and machine learning will shape the future of CX and EX and how technology can significantly impact customer or employee experience.

About Bill Staikos

Bill Staikos is a renowned expert in the field of customer experience, known for his visionary approach and deep insights into CX practices, technology, and strategy alignment. With a wealth of experience, Bill brings valuable perspectives on driving business growth through effective customer experience management.

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Time-stamped overview

00:00 Practitioner and leader in enterprise experience software.

05:16 Realizing work is about company goals, strategy.

06:49 CX leaders must focus on both values.

11:13 Surveys are important for analytics and improvement.

14:14 Active engagement is essential for building customer relationships.

19:12 Software predicts intent for mortgage and auto applications.

20:03 Efficient personalized car search with journey orchestration.

24:29 Different regions have unique paths and progress.

26:41 Using Chat GPT to determine top insights.

31:47 Podcast strategy helps reach people effectively.

35:44 Improve HR, connect work to company’s values.

37:31 Gather customer insights, collaborate with internal teams.

40:27 Believe in systems, focus on efficiency, explore.

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