The CX Game in Australia

The power of synchronicity: a CX journey in Sydney’s Harbor City

In the tapestry of my career, there lies a thread of synchronicity—mysterious, yet undeniably powerful. Imagine this scene from just fourteen days ago: my office for the day on the 17th floor in North Sydney with a view of the harbor and the Parramatta River.

The journey to this incredible moment began over six months ago, with the decision to visit the Professional Speakers Australia – PSA convention in Perth. The question came: How could I transform this trip into a combination of connection and impact within customer experience? My network, a peer group of CX professionals and clients, lead to three engagements across Sydney and Perth.

Then, as an opportunity materialized from the ether—a request for the CX Game in Sydney landed in my mailbox. An international corporation was in search of an innovative way to engage their team around customer centricity at their Annual Kickoff in March. The stars had aligned, placing me in Australia precisely when needed.

My conviction that the universe provides when we walk the right path has been a guiding light. In my book, ‘CX is a Pilgrimage: 50 Strategies to Spice Up Your Leadership,’ I delve into this belief in a chapter titled ‘Trust the Universe.’

And so, the universe delivered. With my client, we explored the possibilities, sealed the deal, and I journeyed to Sydney, bringing with me the CXGame boards, bells and train-the-trainer manuals. The result of this adventure was the privilege of a day program to empower five new trainers to champion the The Customer Experience Game®.

And here I stand, on that 17th floor with this Sydney harbor view, through a series of synchronicities that only the universe could orchestrate. As I reflect on this journey, I am reminded of the power of staying true to our path and the incredible impact we have, when we do.

The CX Game is more than just ‘a game’; it’s a serious game, a perfect and tested tool, that helps organizations become customer centric. That engages all employees and gets them to reflect and act.

This experience has reaffirmed my belief in the magic of synchronicity and the importance of trusting the universe. But more importantly, it has shown me the incredible power of our community—how, together, we can push boundaries, innovate, and elevate CX to new heights.

I cannot yet reveal the name of the company that embarked on this CX Game journey , but I am confident in their success and the lasting impact of today’s event. I thank Babs Asselbergs – CCXP for helping me on this engagement and to everyone who has been a part of this adventure, thank you for your trust, your enthusiasm, and your commitment to excellence.

Let’s continue to trust in the path we’re on, embrace the synchronicities that guide us, and together, create experiences that not only meet expectations but exceed them. Who knows what the universe has in store for us next?