Podcast CX Leadership Talks

7 strategies to boost your CX leadership authority and lead with success

Hi dear Listener, over the years I have learned that not many CX leaders believe they are a CX Authority. And if you don’t believe that yourself, what do you expect from others? So time to grow your AUTHORITY!

Exactly what this podcast episode is all about: growing authority as a customer experience leader. Nienke discusses seven key ways to build authority, from developing expertise and sharing good CX stories, to setting high standards and holding yourself and others accountable. It all starts with you and your personal growth!

It is important to build relationships with senior leaders, be associated with professional organizations, and communicate your vision for customer-centric transformation through a compelling CX story. Keep building expertise, investing in education, and sharing customer stories to be recognized as an authority in your organization. Trust me, it’s worth it! 

Enjoy listening to this third episode of the podcast and please let me know if this resonates with you and… if you have questions!