most cx stories make me want to walk away

Why most Customer Experience stories suck

Most Customer Experience Stories, well ehm… make me want to walk AWAY.

Yes, that is the truth and I need to say it this harsh. Because at the start of a new year – okay it is almost March, but still – you have the opportunity to realize that your CX story might suck too and that you have a chance to change it. Too many CX leaders think that they have a solid story, and most of them are wrong. So, let’s see if you are part of that group, or… Hopefully not.

Five issues

The five issues I mostly see – and I have mentored so many CX leaders on their CX Stories, that I know my trade – is that CX stories are:

  • Too functional and boring – there is no emotion anywhere in the presentation, maybe it is even too corporate.
  • Too general – it could be any organization’s CX Story or is not memorable.
  • Lacking you as a leader – there is no way people can connect with you as the presenter.
  • Too analytical – you talk about trends and larger numbers, but the true customer is absent.
  • An open door – everybody in the audience agrees, but has either no clue what to do next, or is not engaged in a call to action.

How to create a good CX Story

First. What is a CX Story? It is a term that I use when it comes to your transformational customer change story. A good CX story contains at least these four elements:

  1. Personal story (what engages the audience with you as a leader?)
  2. Sense of urgency (where are we now, what is our BHAG or goal and why should we change?)
  3. CX Strategy (what is the path you envision for change, what is your change plan?)
  4. Call to action (what is it that you want your audience to DO?)

A great CX Story is a story that you can share in ten minutes, half an hour or even elaborate in a deep dive of an hour. But that ten minute one is your fundament. Your team can use it, and you will repeat it time and time again. In the end, it becomes the CX Mantra that everybody will know and understand.

Game changer

A good CX Story IS a game changer. Being able to share an incredible CX Story, will make you the King (or Queen) of CX Transformation. Trust me.

Do you want to spice up your CX Story – including your CX Strategy? It is something that you can do yourself, with a little of my help (and a big save on money for consultants). For Dutch CX leaders: in April a new CX Leadership Masterminds starts, where you and a select group of other CX leaders build and deliver your own CX Story and shape it to perfection. Please let me know in a response to this blog (or in the CX Greetz that it comes with) what mistake of the five you recognize. And maybe I can give you some personal tips what to do next!