CX Leadership Talks with Friederike Niehoff and Aleksandra Pilniak

Why your CX program will fail – fab insights with Aleksandra Pilniak & Friederike Niehoff

On this second episode of CX Leadership Talks we have two guests, both CX leaders and authors: Aleksandra Pilniak and Friederike Niehoff share their expertise in customer experience (CX) leadership. They discuss insights out their brilliant book “Why your customer experience program will fail and 7 proven ways to avoid it”

For example the importance of appreciation and injecting fun into the workplace and the episode highlights the pitfalls in CX strategy and concrete tips to improve it. Organizational culture is seen as crucial for a successful CX program, and the guests emphasize the importance of understanding it before attempting to change it. The episode also touches on the importance of self-appreciation, engaging with customers effectively, and using a maturity assessment to confront individuals on their customer-centricity.

Listen in for valuable insights from these two female leaders in Customer Experience Management. Friederike taped this episode while she was in South Africa, with a situation of flickering wifi, this has impacted the sound quality. But we like the episode and conversation so much, that we decided to leave it as it is!

And where to buy their book? Here!