CX Leadership Talks with Krisztina Kanizsai

Elevating business impact: the magic of CX Leadership and design-centric approaches

This episode of the CX Leadership Talks podcast Design methods and CX leadership are the topics.

Krisztina Kanizsai is my guest and a multifaceted professional with expertise in service and customer design, as well as UX research. Her mission is to create meaningful experiences that have a positive impact on business results.

The conversation in this episode explores the transformative power of design thinking and problem framing, highlighting the crucial role these play in fostering innovation and addressing customer needs. The dynamic relationship between UX and CX is also examined, emphasizing the necessity for collaboration and empathy-driven research to create impactful customer experiences. The episode delves into the importance of experimentation, training, and co-creation in achieving cohesive cross-functional collaboration and offers valuable insights into how design thinking can elevate the business impact of CX leadership.

The article for design thinking and Airbnb.

Timestamped overview

00:11 Excited for customer experience friend from Hungary.

05:49 Passionate person with goal of educating others.

09:12 Both disciplines rely on each other.

11:17 Design is a mindset, focusing on functionality.

16:13 Obstacles are opportunities, innovate by problem framing.

19:33 Good idea, collaboration, prioritization, changed strategy.

23:56 Consider everyone, their concerns, build trust.

27:43 Experiment, pilot, start small, clear impact, educate, trust.

29:55 Hire expert for true success in CX.

35:55 ChatGPT: Design thinking saves time.

39:31 Design Thinking helps with audience interaction, LinkedIn available.