CX Leadership Talks podcast about the International CX Awards

Everything you always wanted to know about the International Customer Experience Awards - the basics of my interview with Vuk Vukanovic

So, CX leaders, if you've been yearning for recognition and the opportunity to showcase your customer experience initiatives, look no further than the International Customer Experience Awards. In a recent episode of CX Leadership Talks, I interviewed Vuk Vukanovic and we delved into a comprehensive conversation about the awards, providing valuable insights and practical details for potential attendees. Let's recap the key takeaways and everything you need to know about these prestigious awards.

The driving force behind the Awards

Vuk Vukanovic, sales manager at Awards International, part of a brilliant team; shed light on the driving passion behind the customer experience awards. He emphasized the platform's commitment to recognizing and nurturing exceptional customer experience initiatives, offering participants learning opportunities, and providing global recognition. Furthermore, the awards facilitate networking and offer valuable feedback, contributing to a fun and enriching experience.

Award categories and entry process

Vuk outlined the various award categories available, including best CX leader, best Voice of the Customer, best CX team and for example employee experience. Look at the website for all categories you can compete in! What I found interesting is that potential participants were encouraged to consider entering more than two categories, especially if their company has multiple impactful initiatives worth showcasing. We most certainly indicated how important the importance of providing tangible evidence and financial impact of CX initiatives was, along with the need for concise and specific entries. This ensures that the quality of submissions aligns with the awards' high standards and avoids wasting judges' time.

Benefits of participation

As have been being a judge for several years, I underscored the benefits of being a judge, highlighting the opportunity to gain practical insights into the CX field by being part of the judging process. These insights often involve judging rounds on paper and live presentations, offering a unique chance to learn from the best in the industry. In addition to recognition and networking opportunities, participation can provide indirect opportunities for business growth, making it an invaluable experience for CX leaders and professionals.

The Awards' global reach

The conversation also touched upon the global growth and expansion of the International Customer Experience Awards, showcasing its impact in various countries. The transition to online events due to COVID-19 and the professionalization of the team behind the awards highlighted the adaptability and dedication of the platform to continue delivering excellence. In 2024 the awards show will be hosted live in London!

Case studies and success stories

Vuk and I shared numerous success stories, including a case where a CEO entered the UK Customer Experience Awards, winning multiple gold awards that contributed significantly to the sale of the company for £200,000,000. The story underscored the power of recognition and validation in driving business success. Other stories, such as Clint Payne winning the CX leader of the year, showcased the transformative impact of the awards on individuals and organizations, further reinforcing its value.

The importance of empathy and understanding

Vuk shared a personal experience related to the importance of customer empathy, emphasizing the significance of passion, hard work, and understanding in the context of business. This theme of empathy and understanding resonated throughout the discussion, emphasizing the importance of these qualities in driving exceptional customer experiences.

Networking and follow-up opportunities

We also touched upon the networking aspect of the awards, highlighting the potential for follow-up chats with interested parties, post-award ceremonies. This emphasizes the lasting connections and opportunities for collaboration that the awards can facilitate, further enriching the experience for participants.

Wrap-up and Call to Action

This is your moment to think about joining the upcoming International Customer Experience Awards in 2024, with its online judging and networking events. Step out of your comfort zone, join the awards in London in November 2024, and embrace the priceless learning and recognition opportunities the platform offers.

In summary, the International Customer Experience Awards offer a unique platform for CX leaders to showcase your initiatives, gain recognition, and facilitate unique connections within the global CX community. The passion and dedication behind the awards, combined with the strategic guidance and insights, make it an unmissable opportunity for CX professionals looking to make an impact and gain global recognition.

So, whether you're an established CX leader or a rising star in the industry, consider entering the International Customer Experience Awards to leverage the incredible array of benefits and opportunities it brings. Do you want to learn more? Listen to our conversation on the podcast (as this is the summary). Because we believe that the path to success in CX is paved with recognition, learning, and meaningful connections - all of which the awards are specifically designed to provide.

Remember to mark your calendars for the upcoming 2024 International Customer Experience Awards and take that crucial step toward showcasing your exceptional CX initiatives. Your journey to global recognition and validation starts here.



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