CX Leadership Talks with Martijn van den Berg PBG

Pioneering CX in pensions: Martijn van den Berg's blueprint for success

Welcome to CX Leadership Talks, where we dive deep into the world of customer experience and leadership. In today's episode, we have a special guest, Martijn van den Berg, who will be sharing his insights into creating meaningful experiences for customers in the financial industry. Martijn leads a CX team at PGB, a leading pension fund in the Netherlands, and has a wealth of experience in integrating customer experience into business strategies.

In this episode

Join us as Martijn discusses the transformation of PGB into a customer-centric organization, his journey in the field of business communication, and the importance of internal cultural changes in driving customer-centricity.

Get ready for an engaging and insightful conversation with Martijn van den Berg and host Nienke Bloem as we explore the strategies and principles behind building a customer-centric culture in the financial sector.

About Martijn van den Berg (visit his LinkedIn profile here)

As Lead Customer Experience Management, Martijn is responsible for structurally organizing Pension fund PGB's own and consistent brand and customer experience. The aim is that the fund can distinguish itself in terms of customer focus and knows how to "touch" its customers. Together with the CX team, Martijn has developed the pension fund's own CX framework, which consists of 4 pillars: Strategy & Identity, Market and Customer Insight, Customer Service and Culture & Organization.

Martijn van den Berg has a passion for customer satisfaction and efficiency. As a Lead Customer Experience Management, he was inspired by the video 'Give 'em the pickle' by Bob Farrell, about a restaurant manager who started his second restaurant. In the video, a customer complained about being charged an extra 75¢ for a pickle, which had always been free. This resonated with Martijn, reminding him of the importance of maintaining consistent and fair pricing for the customers. This experience helped shape his approach to managing PGB's customer experience, prioritizing clear communication and fair pricing for his customers.

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Timestamped overview

00:00 Making pension products more attractive for customers.

03:38 Exciting meeting to discuss pension strategy.

08:20 Building a successful customer experience team.

12:39 Feedback, communication training, strategy implementation, and organization types.

14:09 Understanding strengths, building results, and enthusiastic work.

17:27 Pension funds must regain trust through CX.

22:54 Improved onboarding process led to better ratings.

24:11 Pension funds-critical for B2B companies' growth.

30:05 Measurement changed, aiming for 3 stars. Signal management.

32:16 Seek external perspectives to improve and progress.

36:44 Woman left supermarket with almost empty bag.

41:16 Facebook's strategy emphasizes cultural elements and consistency.

42:03 Building engagement through smart, consistent work progress.

45:23 3E model, great approach, advice for listeners.

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