Articles by Nienke Bloem

Why and how to engage your leaders

As a CX leader you are often not the person in charge. Ultimately, that is someone from the board or C-Suite. You have to take that into account in your stakeholder management. You do not only lead and advise your team, but you [...]


How can you add fun to change?

Customer centric change is a matter of having a long breath: changing behavior and engaging colleagues won't happen in just a month. It is a demanding process, both from you as the initiator, facilitator or leader, as well as from the people you want to engage in the change. Adding FUN to your CHANGE program [...]


Out of office is out of office

Every month we send out our CX Greetz. CX Greetz is the name of my monthly CX newsletter, and it's based on how I always end my emails. I end with "happy greetings" instead of "best regards" or whatever you might write there. While we're talking to my community of over [...]


Nienke's five-star hotel experience - learned CX lessons

Seven lessons from this not-so-good customer experience... This is an interesting topic: how can you personalise occasions such as birthdays, wedding days and anniversaries? It all starts with understanding and empathising with your customer. What are the expectations? I had a good conversation with my friend Raymond Brunyanszki, the business owner of Camden Harbor Inn [...]


Nienke's five-star hotel experience

For my 50th birthday, I booked a room for two nights at the Waldorf Astoria in Rome. Because I wanted to treat myself, but also because I wanted to make my 50th birthday a special experience. It is a very large hotel, so I had even given myself an upgrade to the Imperial Floor. Bigger rooms, [...]


How to handle customer surveys well - CX lessons learned from TESO

As CX professionals, we often send out customer surveys. Or maybe we don't even send them, but we use the content for customer insights or reports. Or to learn from them where we can improve our customer journeys. I know that many CX professionals are not responsible for closing the loop. That's a shame, because it's actually a [...]


Closing the loop' in CX at the TESO ferry on Texel

This blog is about an old customer experience. It is more than 2 years old, and I remember it like it was yesterday. So, here we go.
As my mom lives on the island of Texel, we take the ferry to the island often. I am even a ferry shareholder. One of the shareholder benefits, 


4 reasons why you should read The Power of Moments

Sometimes you read a book that hits you with the hammer on the head. That makes you think: I want to remind myself of these words again and again. And I should reread this book occasionally, no yearly! The Power of Moments of Dan and Chip Heath is such a book. It’s very [...]


Group ticket - learned CX lessons

If you are a customer who books a large number of tickets, you are probably a B2B customer. But in this case, I was not. Still, in such a case, you want to feel a bit special. I book 13 tickets! That must be a good deal for the company, right? Better than one plane ticket, right? I felt nothing at [...].