CX Leadership Talks with Jo van Riemsdijk

Crafting CX careers: Trends, traits and triumphs with Jo van Riemsdijk, CX Recruitment Specialist

Welcome to CX Leadership Talks, where we explore the world of Customer Experience leadership with top industry experts. In today's episode, host Nienke Bloem engages in a captivating conversation with Jo van Riemsdijk. Together, they navigate through the intricate world of customer experience management from the perspective of Jo as THE recruiter in CX in the UK.

In this episode

Jo shares valuable insights on the challenges and trends in recruiting for customer experience roles, reflecting on the changing requirements and skill sets sought after by organizations today as opposed to in the past. We explore the complexities of navigating senior leadership buy-in, what she calls "managing upwards," the shifting paradigms of the customer experience industry, and the increasing demand for digital expertise and change leadership.

About Jo van Riemsdijk

She is THE Customer Experience Recruitment Specialist recruiting at all levels right up to Board level. With Kate Baird, she founded CX Talent Ltd, which is an Independent Customer Experience Recruitment Consultancy. They match the RIGHT people with the RIGHT jobs in Customer Experience, Digital Experience and Service Design roles. At all levels from Chief Customer Officer, Customer Experience Director, Digital Experience Director, to middle management roles across all industry sectors, covering a wide range of CX disciplines such as strategy, insight, design, digital, service, engagement, loyalty, and success. She is the perfect guest on the show, as she sees what her clients are looking for and sees where matches are truly made. She offers a consultative approach and always acts transparently and with integrity. Always passionate about matching the right people with the right jobs and helping businesses achieve customer satisfaction and profitability.

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Time stamped overview

00:00 UK-based recruitment business serving international clients.

05:37 Research led to identifying customer experience gap.

09:30 Employers seek diverse skill sets for directors.

12:01 Customer experience manager roles and salary impact.

15:53 Increasing demand for digital design roles seen.

19:01 Key to finding ideal challenge: "Remember what you bring to the party."

23:18 Developers want to create communities and entice employees.

26:42 Transition from vendor neutrality to consultancy education.

27:47 Stay informed about AI and organizational processes.

33:00 Cracking the leadership paradigm for greater value.

35:50 Creating ideal business culture by emphasizing values.

38:03 Tight client brief, thorough candidate assessment process.

41:04 Recommend recruiting for right person, seek professional help.

44:24 Prepare, engage, focus, share stories, manage upwards.

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