4 reasons why you should read The Power of Moments

Sometimes you read a book that hits you with the hammer on the head. That makes you think: I want to remind myself of these words again and again. And I should reread this book occasionally, no yearly! The Power of Moments by Dan and Chip Heath is such a book. It’s very valuable for both your professional and personal life. To put it more precisely, this book is a must read for every CX professional.

Four elements

The Power of Moments is about powerful moments: a meaningful moment contains one of the next four elements:

  • A moment of elevation
  • It lets people get insights themselves
  • It makes you proud or
  • You make a meaningful connection

Of course, a powerful moment can have more than one of the above elements and even all four.

But why should you read this book? I think it can benefit you in four ways.

1. For customers: create meaningful moments in your customer journey

By implementing milestones in customer journeys, organizations make a real connection with their (positively surprised) customers. That’s what it’s all about: making meaningful connections with your customers and deliver business value. The best way to do it, is to have your colleagues read this book as well and brainstorm on where in the customer journey you can create these meaningful moments. It’s a great way to improve your customer journeys and you can be certain of loyal customer ambassadors. There’s a serious task here for every CX professional!

2. For your transformation projects: insights will support your change process

If we want to change the way we work, for example in customer experience, we all know that we cannot change our behavior and culture in just one day. This takes time. What this book The Power of Moments clarifies is that you cannot change people at once, but by creating meaningful moments in your transformation projects, you can surely encourage people to other behavior. If you can make people trip over the truth themselves, if their work or contribution to the company makes them pride. Take time to show them you care, as this really helps you to make a meaningful connection.

3. For your team: celebrate your team's successes

If there’s one way to create team spirit, it is by creating meaningful moments. Think of ways to celebrate your team’s successes. Don’t forget to put a team member in the spotlight when he or she has done an excellent job, or just when it’s someone’s birthday. This doesn’t mean a lot of extra work, but take time to really notice people, to have a good conversation. In short: by showing them you care you create a lot of goodwill.

4. For yourself: your personal relationships will improve

It goes without saying that taking time to create meaningful moments in your personal life will deepen your relationships with other people. Or create them for yourself, like my pilgrimage for my 50th birthday. And every human being needs meaningful connections, that’s what makes our lives memorable and worthy. But also, outside your own personal ‘bubble’: make time to greet people, smile to people you pass. You can create connections everywhere.

If we all do our best to create meaningful moments, we would have happy and loyal customers and employees. Not only that I’m also sure we would make this planet a nicer place to live in.

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