Closing the loop' in CX at the TESO ferry on Texel

This blog is about an old customer experience. It is more than 2 years old, and I remember it like it was yesterday. So, here we go.

As my mom lives on the island of Texel, we take the ferry to the island often. I am even a ferry shareholder. One of the shareholder benefits, is a special pass with five credits every year to take your car for free. On the 1st of January, the credits are automatically transferred to the pass, so easy peasy.

It is the 5th of January and me and my car are at the ferry’s check in. I give my shareholder pass to the clerk and she says “Sorry, no credits left.” I am a little bewildered and start the conversation that something must have gone wrong. It is the 5th of January, so it is almost impossible to have used up all my credits. There is no willingness to help, no empathy. I should go to the Teso office, which is only open during weekdays. And that is exactly when I am not on the island of Texel. But that was my problem. Not hers. She makes me buy a ticket and I am not happy. To say the least.

I cannot remember exactly how I got in touch with TESO. Maybe I sent an e-mail. But I received a survey from the ferry services and I gave them my feedback. Expecting nothing from it to be honest, since 99% of companies don’t handle on feedback. In CX terminology: they don’t closing the loop.

The next day the phone rings. It is a number from Texel, since I recognize the area code. A colleague of the TESO Ferry Services asks me for my experience. What happened, how did it make me feel, what do I see as a solution?

She apologized for what had happened. What I really loved, is that she didn’t blackguard her colleague, but she said it wasn’t the right reaction. She was going to solve the matter. Of course, I didn’t have to come into the office. If I could send a recent photo of myself (there is picture on the shareholder pass) by email, she would arrange a new pass. Which would be sent to my house with the credits on it.

Two days later my pass arrives in the mail. With a sincere apology and with a little present. Four tokens for free coffee and apple pie for me and my family when we take the next ferry. What a way to create a perfect moment for me. I can show off to my family with a treat and TESO is put in the spotlight because they are rockstars when it comes to closing the loop. Problem solved, bad emotions taken away and a sweet reminder that this company understands how to make customers happy.

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