The 14th of February, it’s Valentine’s Day. The international day of love. There are lovers and haters of this tradition. I can imagine. It sometimes feels like an obligation to show your love because somebody (who?) invented valentine’s day. Like mother’s day, father’s day (where has child’s day gone?), secretary day, world whale day (that was yesterday)….

Why are these days here? It’s easy. Because we need them. Because we all have are own rhythm, are often self-absorbed as human beings and need to get out of the modus operandi. Especially in the field of love. We forget to express our love. We think our husband or wife know we love them, our friends feel our love and in case you have great relationships with your colleagues, they know you appreciate them dearly. Unfortunately that is not the case.

Love in business

Love needs to be expressed, shared and fueled to sparkle. Not only in our personal life; how about some love in the business environment? When I speak with leaders, I often hear much practicalities when customers are discussed. Revenue, churn, market share, number of new customers, call ratio’s, the cost per customer. I never challenge these facts, because they matter. But what lacks, are true feelings for your customers . Because let’s be honest, if you don’t feel for them, how are they ever going to have feelings for you?

Please read your mission statements and customer strategies. In case you recognize “Turn our customer into fans” or for example “Create a love brand”, look in the mirror and ask yourself the next 3 questions:

  • What feelings do I have for my customers?
  • What kind of love do I show my customers?
  • As a company, how do we treat our customers?

Do you have the answers? Do you like them? Will your customers like them?

I pledge for more customer love! Because if you want to succeed in raising NPS, in working on customer ambassadors… You’ll have to show your love in your leadership. On this Valentine’s Day, I dare to challenge you. Start this discussion in your boardroom tomorrow. If it is difficult and you feel it is important, ask me for an inspirational workshop and lighten the fire. Or if you organize an event, hire me as your keynote speaker! I will be your cupid and enlighten the customer love.