It IS possible

My new couch would be delivered. Over seven weeks later than planned. There was something about fabrics (or lack thereof), delivery issues and hassle at the factory in Italy. The communication did not go very well, but there was good news. The bank was in the Netherlands and was at the transport company.

I got a call from a friendly lady, who asked when it was convenient to deliver the couch. Now I already had a lunch appointment on the day the delivery guys would be in Utrecht. So yes, they could come between 11.30 and 12.00 hours, but I really had to leave at 12.30 hours. Kindly she told me: "I guarantee that the men will be on time. I promise you that." Hmmm, very clear. But still, would this go well? A day in advance I would receive an e-mail with the confirmation and the time of delivery. "And if you receive that e-mail, don't worry. Because it will say that we deliver between 11 and 12 hours. For you, that means we'll be there around 11:30. Really, I promise you just one more time."

Sure. In the meantime, I hadn't completely reassured my lunch appointment that I'd probably be a little late. Yeah, well, you never know with traffic, delivery guys and appointments. The e-mail arrived in my mailbox with exactly the sentence about the times in it, as the nice lady had announced. They also gave me a tip in that same e-mail: if I wanted to pay with pin, I had to check what my daily limit was, because things sometimes went wrong there. The suggestion was to contact my bank about this, as this was easy to adjust. Ha! That's thinking along with me as a customer. Because indeed, I had no idea what my daily limit was. I logged into my bank and within a poop and a sigh my daily limit was suitable for the transaction tomorrow.

Friday morning, 11:00. The phone's ringing. A 06 number unknown to me. A bad hunch creeps up on me. Wouldn't they be late? "Hello, madam. Here's your delivery boy. We're leaving Woerden now. And we'll be in Utrecht in good time, so you can go to your lunch appointment at 12:30."

Speechless. With a big smile. Not only had the plan lady put my wishes into the system, the deliverers had also read them and taken them into account. Chapeau TS Furniture Transport. The deliverers also turned out to be perfect mechanics. The couch is standing, they took all the packing and I was well on time for my lunch. So it is possible!


This blog was written for CustomerFirst and published on 5 June 2019

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