Out of sight

The newspaper was delivered later and later. As a morning person, I was bummed about that. In the meantime, I saw the call for new delivery drivers. With a bonus of no less than 1,000 euros for those who want to get on their bike with my newspaper early in the morning. The newspaper has too few deliverers and in my case that causes an inconsistent delivery time.

Because of that irritation about the delivery time, I also asked myself a few critical questions. I couldn't explain why I was taking away a huge pile of old paper every week. You can read a newspaper like that digitally, right?

I switched to a digital subscription during the week with a paper newspaper on Saturdays. In this way, I killed two birds with one stone: one less delivery address for the newspaper in the morning and my choice also has an impact on the environment: less tree felling and no more contribution to the paper shortage.

But here it comes. Since I got this digital subscription, I hardly read the newspaper during the week. It's crazy to read the news on my screen via a newspaper app. I actually already did that through nu.nl. Of course, that's where the nuanced opinion is missing. But then again, what am I missing about that!?

The ritual of taking the newspaper out of the bus, drinking a cup of coffee and then reading the newspaper. This now only happens on Saturdays. That is, if the newspaper is physically there.

What does this have to do with the beautiful field of customer experience? Everything. Because even in that, you can sometimes take people along in a change. And what's happening here with my newspaper app is exactly what's happening with strategy plans as well. With customer promises. With work instructions. They're on the web somewhere. But where again? Employees have to find out for themselves where the information is and what the content was. It's not top of mind and it never will be this way. And then, as management, we find it strange that people don't know, understand or support the company's strategy.

Therefore, if you are going to change, think very carefully about your message, the timing and the means. Check regularly to see if your message has stuck. Don't refer to that message somewhere on the intranet. Or that one fifteen-minute presentation in the digital kickoff. That's right: communication is a profession. Every change requires a strong introduction, a repetition and a visible message. Otherwise becomes out of sight, perhaps out of mind. Or the heart is not even ever found. Just like I don't care about that newspaper app. And we all know how that ends: that's a newspaper.


This blog was written for CustomerFirst and published on November 1, 2020

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